An INFINITE’s Sunggyu And NCT’s Doyoung Collaboration? Here’s How The Two Idols Reacted

It may be in the cards for them.

A collaboration between INFINITE‘s Sunggyu and NCT‘s Doyoung might’ve been one that fans wouldn’t have ever expected. Based on how both idols reacted to the possibility, it may just be a real possibility.

Two months ago, Doyoung played a song from an artist he hadn’t mentioned before during his live broadcast. “There’s another male artist whom I just love. I didn’t tell you much about him, but today I’m going to play his song.” He’d played Sunggyu’s “Reply”.

After congratulating Sunggyu on his discharge from the military, Doyoung gushed about how much he loved his voice and would be looking forward to his new music.

He respected his senior so much that he stated, “If I ever get a chance to sing with him someday, I’m totally ready for it. Shout out to Sunggyu.” Little did he know, his words would indeed reach him.

During his own live broadcast, Sunggyu addressed what Doyoung had said, giving an answer to making a collaboration between them a real possibility. He was all for it, “A collaboration sounds great.”

How eager and honest Doyoung had been in wanting to work with him and appreciating his music really touched him. Sunggyu said, “NCT’s Doyoung, really, thank you so much for saying that.”

He couldn’t stop expressing how thankful he was and how much he supported the idea, “I’d also really like that. Thank you so much.”

Although it may not happen immediately, a collaboration could be happening in their future. If Doyoung was able to collaborate with Gugudan’s Sejeong for “Star Blossom”, there could be a track for him and Sunggyu.

See their reactions to how great a collaboration between them would be, starting from 25:16.