INFINITE’s Sunggyu Reveals Why He’s Worried About Dongwoo’s Military Service The Most

He knows the rest of the members will do well, but Dongwoo is another story…

With more than half of the INFINITE members serving in the military and Sunggyu‘s return from it after two years, a fan asked him an important question they’d all been wondering about.


Since he knows Sungyeol, Woohyun, Sungjong, and Dongwoo well, Inspirits wanted to know which member makes him the most worried about adjusting to military life.

After less than half a minute of deep thought, Sunggyu didn’t hesitate to name Dongwoo. The choice even made the Inspirits in the audience show their amusement with loud laughter.

He admitted that Dongwoo oftentimes has difficulty concentrating on one single task, making him prone to becoming distracted by other things. In addition to these habits, Sunggyu named one of the biggest reasons he’s worried about him.

Military life can be strict, with emphasis on a standard routine and abiding by rules and regulations. Since Dongwoo is also free-spirited in addition to his other habits, Sunggyu believes it will be hard for him to adjust. His phone calls with Dongwoo worry him even more, though.

Dongwoo contacts him often to say, “I am so jealous of you!” As someone who’s finally finished his service, Dongwoo is counting down the days until he’s in Sunggyu’s shoes. Unfortunately, he has a long road ahead of him and just makes Sunggyu worry about him more by repeating the wish.

The more frequently he says so, the more worried I am about him.

For the most part, he thinks they’ll be able to successfully adjust to the significant change, “But, most of them will finish their military services well.” If he was able to push through, he believes they all can do the same.

Watch Sunggyu speak about his worry for Dongwoo’s adjustment, but knowing they’ll all eventually succeed, starting at 44:38.