INFINITE Hilariously Expose How Much Sungyeol And His Brother, Golden Child’s Daeyeol, Fight

Dongwoo couldn’t help but laugh at the two brothers.

To celebrate their ten years together as a group, INFINITE answered questions from their Woollim Entertainment juniors. A question from Golden Child‘s leader Daeyeol–younger brother to Sungyeol–caused the group to reveal just how much the two bicker.

INFINITE’s Sungyeol and Sungjong with Golden Child’s Daeyeol and Jangjun. | @woollim_ent/Twitter

When Sunggyu randomly picked Daeyeol’s question out of the box and took a look at it, he didn’t hide his excitement. He proved it was indeed from Daeyeol before reading it aloud. “Just when will you be nice to me…?

The savage question caused Dongwoo and Sunggyu to burst into laughter.

For Sunggyu, it brought to mind more than one moment where the two brothers bumped heads. “There have been numerous incidents with the Lee brothers.

Dongwoo laughed and nodded as Sunggyu revealed, “Every company dinner, they always argue!

When Sungyeol tried to deny it, Sunggyu made them laugh once more by following his wish to clarify the statement. “Correction: they don’t fight. Sungyeol scolds him a lot.

Continuing to roast Sungyeol, Sunggyu pulled out the heavy guns by bringing up how their family events typically go down.

Every holiday, when all the relatives are around, you give him hell. Why are you so mean to your brother? Just how miserable did he have to be to ask you this?

— Sunggyu

By then, Sungyeol couldn’t deny that he’d been tough on his younger brother and came to a realization in the military that he needed to be kinder to Daeyeol.

I admit that I was a bit short with him. But I realized after the army, family’s all I have. I should take better care of my family. I’ve been too harsh on him.

— Sungyeol

Sungyeol ended it on a lighthearted note. “Anyway, Daeyeol, see you in a bit. I’ll call you.

No matter how much brothers bicker, they’re always doing it out of love.

See INFINITE roast Sungyeol for how much he fights with Daeyeol.