INFINITE’s Sungyeol Was So Mad At Sungjong He Couldn’t Sleep For Two Days

We need to hear the full story asap!

Recently, INFINITE’s Sungyeol posted a photo and caption on Instagram, revealing to fans just how mad he was about something that member Sungjong did.

Wow Lee Sungjong really lololol Invite me to the radio soon haha Woooooowwwwww INSPIRITs will never know why I’m like this wowowowowwww I’m so heated up kekeke Lee Sungjong

To this caption, Sungjong responded, “You’re mad, eh?” Sungyeol replied right back, “Wow no matter how much I think about it I am so mad I can’t sleep hahahah Wow I haven’t been able to sleep for two days.”

Sungjong then posted another comment, “Please do come out on the radio! But before that, please keep the story a secret please ^^ See you at the radio!” Not being able to calm his anger, Sungyeol responded, “I am so mad really so mad how can I pay back how mad I am. If we meet at the apartment complex, run away from me.”

Turns out, the background of this story was that Sungyeol was mad that Sungjong left him during a dinner and ended up calling him ten times. Member Woohyun even had to play the middle man to calm him down!

Hopefully he appears on Sungjong’s radio soon so we can hear the full story of what happened!


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