This Male Idol Got Scammed 6 Times…This Year

In a recent episode of Weekly Idol, INFINITE’s Dongwoo revealed that he trusted people too well.

The host Jung Hyung Don first explained that Dongwoo was one of the most optimistic people in the world.

“I heard from Sunggyu that in a 24-hour day, Dongwoo sleeps for 4 hours and is smiling for the other 20.”

— Jung Hyung Don

Dongwoo laughed and agreed, and explained that he most likely got his optimism from his parents.

Jung Hyung Don then asked if his optimism led to him becoming the victim of several scams…

…to which Dongwoo nodded immediately and revealed that he was scammed 6 times alone this year!

Jung Hyung Don seemed to know about this, and asked if his latest scam was when buying a car.

Dongwoo, being the optimistic person that he is, laughed along while Jung Hyung Don explained what happened.

Jung Hyung Don: He didn’t even see the car he was planning on buying.
Sungyeol: That’s because [Dongwoo] hyung trusts people too easily.
Dongwoo: [The car] belonged to an acquaintance of an acquaintance so…
Defconn: An acquaintance of an acquaintance isn’t your acquaintance, they’re still a stranger!

Jung Hyung Don then revealed a conversation he had with Sunggyu, who was worried about Dongwoo.

“Sunggyu even once told him, ‘Hey Dongwoo, please don’t trust other people so easily and go see it in person, then prepare a deposit or pay them after or something!’

But this is how Dongwoo responded: ‘Well then I’ll just try not to become a victim again for next time~'”

— Jung Hyung Don

Sungyeol even further confirmed that all 6 times he was scammed this year was due to him trying to buy a car.

Watch the full clip below!