INFINITE’s L And Sungyeol Once Fought… Over Rock, Paper, Scissors

The petty jumped out.

Once upon a time, in MAMA 2013, Inspirits thought everything was going swimmingly for INFINITE. But then, members L and Sungyeol started playing rock, paper, scissors, and it all changed.

Before the two decided to play their game, they were getting along fine. Playing with things on the table, talking to each other, smiling. It seems like reasonable things to do at an award show.

But then the boys started playing rock, paper, scissors. It’s unknown who won, but it seems the two bickered a little after. Check out how different they look after playing the game! L and Sungyeol, why so downcast?

The petty in them jumped out, and fans joked that the two are like elementary school kids. In the past, L and Sungyeol had even fought over socks and underwear and only stopped when their leader Sunggyu bought them each a pair!

Though they act this way, it’s only because they are close and comfortable with each other, and they both love each other very much. INFINITE, we miss you!

Source: Pann