The 56-Year Old Influencer Who Looks So Young, Strangers Assume She’s Her Son’s Girlfriend

An awkward but flattering mistake.

Imagine looking so young that strangers assume you’re the same age as your own child!

Meet Yelin Liu or “queenyelin” on Instagram. Born in 1968, she is a 56-year old mother who is famous for her youthful beauty. In an interview with Mail Daily in 2017, she mentioned that she constantly receives shocked reactions when people learn of her age.

People are often shocked to find out I’m almost 50. I feel like I’m still 15.


Yelin at 15 years old
Yelin at 49 years old

It is understandable why they can’t help but be surprised. The 56-year old looks decades younger than her age thanks to her supple, flawless skin.

She’s also not shy to show off her jaw-dropping physique online. Her body is so toned that she can still make it to the cover of fashion magazines!

Yelin looks so young, in fact, that strangers assume she’s the same age as her own child. Back when she was 50 years old, people often mistook her as the girlfriend of her then-22-year old son.

She recounted the story of when she attended a friend’s wedding with her son, an assistant at a film production company, and was approached by numerous guests asking if they were partners.

Yelin’s secret to her youthful beauty lies in her love for fitness. She attributes her ageless appearance to her rigorous exercise routines which include consistent swimming, running, and gym days.

I swim in the lake and do weight training every day. My favorite thing is swimming outdoors in winter.


She certainly found the fountain of youth!

Source: Daily Mail

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