This insanely rich woman will be the first Chinese contestant on New Zealand’s “The Bachelor”

New Zealand’s version of The Bachelor is in its third season and for the first time, a Chinese contestant has joined the cast.

24-year-old Stephanie Lai is the first Chinese contestant to appear on the show in hopes to win the heart of the Bachelor. She is a former journalist who became a law student at the University of Auckland.

She also has a large following on Instagram, where she documents all of her travels. Her Instagram page currently lists the number of flights she has taken at 408!

Stephanie Lai at the Onsen Hot Pools in Queensland, New Zealand.

Stephanie Lai was also known to spend large amounts of money on her outfits, up to $7,000, with accessories such as a $550 Louis Vitton keychain or a $750 Hermes bracelet taking up much of that amount. She also celebrated her 21st birthday on a cruise ship that sailed around the Auckland harbor.

When talking about being the first Chinese contestant on the show, she said,

“I’m totally stoked at being the first Chinese bachelorette, and if people feel happy about watching me on TV, I’m more than happy to accommodate that and live up to the name.”

Stephanie Lai

Stephanie Lai on a Yacht in Sydney, Australia.

She also talked about how she has changed from her past days spending lavish amounts of money, saying,

“I was a shopaholic, now I am a worldly, more conscious, young, mature lady who studies law, probably got a bit more boring. I’m well traveled, well educated and I’m well dressed. This is Stephanie 2.0.”

Stephanie Lai

Check out some of her incredible travel photos below!

Source: NextShark, Stuff NZ