An Insider Reveals How Chart Manipulation Happens

It is a lucrative business in South Korea.

After Park Kyung from Block B openly called out artists for alleged chart manipulation (sajaegi in Korean), an insider revealed further details regarding the methods behind this practice.


According to the music insider, chart manipulation is a lucrative business in Korea.

People discuss a starting price of approximately $67,196. The monthly profit for the song is around $83,994 if you enter the top 10 rankings, so it’s not a losing business.


Companies reportedly go to rural internet cafes to have paid persons stream the songs.

I heard that they get internet cafes in a rural area, give out 20 IDs for each person, and make it go up at dawn.


In the past, it used to cost less and was a surefire way of entering the charts.

It cost around $84,009 in the past, but it now costs up to $168,018. Back then, getting in the top 10 rankings on the charts was guaranteed.


The insider ended the interview by giving hints about a number of top artists who manipulate the charts after they release a song.

The companies that are the biggest topics are ‘A’ and ‘B.’ Company B has a contract with Singer C and a female singer. They’re famous for being good at viral marketing on social media.

Source: Naver

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