Insider Reveals Yoona And IU Have Completely Opposite Personalities

Yoona and IU are two of the most beautiful K-Pop artists, but they couldn’t be more different when it comes to their personalities.

The producing director of Hyori’s Bed and BreakfastJung Hyo Min, revealed that Yoona and IU have totally different personalities—one shy and one outgoing.

Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast follows Lee Hyori and her husband, Lee Sang Soon, as they open their house in Jeju to non-celebrity guests. Season 1 featured IU as their helper, while Season 2 features Yoona.


Jung Hyo Min revealed that IU was an introvert while Yoona is a complete extrovert.

“YoonA has a completely different vibe from IU. IU was shy and had an introverted personality, whereas YoonA is lively and outgoing, and she has an affable, friendly charm.” — Jung Hyo Min

IU first had a tough time opening up to the guests because of her cautious personality.

But she eventually opened up to her peers after getting to know them over time.

YoonA, on the other hand, became close very quickly with the hosts of the show because of her friendly and sociable personality.

Due to the personality differences between the two employees, Jung Hyo Min promises that the atmosphere in the second season of the show will be very different from the first.

Source: Osen