This Instagram Account Documents Life in North Korea

For the past two years, a Chinese journalist has been sharing the most natural moments of life in North Korea, and it is extremely eye opening.

For two years a Chinese photojournalist named Siegfried Chu has been documenting life in Pyongyang, North Korea. He has been sharing photos on his Instagram profile of just how natural everyday life is for those living inside of the very private place, and these photos are incredibly eye opening.

Foreigners in North Korea are typically under very strict rules, and it is fascinating that Siegfried Chu has managed to capture so many of the rarest and most natural of moments in the hermit kingdom.

Some of the photos posted onto his Instagram profile show the scenery of North Korea as well as candid photos of its citizens and the jobs of the citizens.  He has undeniably found a way to change many people’s impressions on North Korea.

Check out some photos taken from his Instagram below: