Instead Of Losing Fans, SHINee’s Key Is More Popular Than Ever In The Army

He’s iconic!

Key has been a beloved idol since he debuted as a SHINee member in 2008. With his incredible vocals, great dance skills, and sassy personality, what’s there not to love?

Key has been going through something unprecedented since his enlistment in the military on March 4, 2019.

Somehow, he’s having a huge surge in popularity. Netizens have noticed that Key is gaining more fans now in the army than ever before!

Usually, celebrities “take a break from their career” when they enlist, but Key’s career appears to be taking off.

Despite him not having official schedules, he has been gaining fans purely because of unofficial photos and videos released to the public.

These photos show him living his everyday life as a soldier in the military band.

It’s easy to see why people are more drawn to him now.

He has always been handsome, but the army must have done something to him because now he’s on a whole new level!

He’s a certified pretty boy with his small face and delicate features.

But don’t be mistaken. He can also look devilishly handsome in an all-black suit.

Glasses also had to his appeal!

Netizens commented that he has a “cleanly handsome image” that is “soft and fancy” but also “serious and firm”. They seem to really love his neat charms!

Soldier Key has become the type of many people, and they hope that he gets discharged soon!

Source: theqoo