Interesting Way Peniel Auditioned For JYP Entertainment

Peniel initially tried out for modeling?

Peniel of BTOB shared the details of how he initially auditioned for JYP Entertainment. He was on a podcast hosted by Eric Nam and talked about the interesting way he auditioned for the company.

He starts by talking about how his friend was auditioning and he just tagged along because it sounded like “fun”.


That (JYP Entertainment audition) sounds fun and I play guitar, maybe I’ll attempt singing.

— Peniel

Then he changed his course of the plan when he saw that “modeling” was an option at the audition.



Modeling? Wait, so I can do 3 poses and get in? Why would I attempt to sing?

— Peniel

He then revealed that he had no prior modeling experience and didn’t know what to do. He just followed the instructions that the people were saying to him.



I like walked forward and was like “Is this how you do it”?

— Peniel

Then things started to change once the staff asked him to sing and dance. Even though he has never done something like this in his life.



They (JYP Entertainment staff) made sing and dance for an hour

— Peniel

He then shockingly reveals that JYP Entertainment called him back sometime later and got accepted. Watch the full story below.