International Fans Discover Holland Was Bullied By Idols For Being Gay

International fans are calling for Holland to name names so they stop supporting homophobic idols.

South Korea’s first openly gay idol, Holland, revealed that some idols he went to school with bullied him – and fans are demanding blood.


Holland debuted earlier this year with his hit song “Neverland” and the MV shows a sweet homosexual relationship.


Now, he’s admitted he was bullied for being gay in school by some idols who have already debuted.

He said he told a close friend in confidence that he was gay while in middle school, but the next day everyone was gossiping about it. For three years he was bullied almost every single day, while his former friends stood by and said nothing – even as he was physically assaulted.


International fans are calling for Holland to drop the names of the idols who bullied him.


But others are unsure whether it should be done or not, since it might hurt Holland more than the said idols.


While still more are doing their own investigating.


However, Holland specifically said he was bullied by idols in middle school, not while at Seoul Institute of Performing Arts, where he is currently studying, or high school.


But one thing’s for sure – fans aren’t sure who to stan anymore!

Source: Kyunghyang Shinmun