Here’s Why International K-Pop Fans Freaking Love LOONA

From catchy, diverse songs to intriguing concepts, LOONA has it all!

LOONA made their official debut on August 20, 2018, but international K-Pop fans have fallen for their genre-blending music and creative concepts since WAY back in 2016!


This 12-member girl group has also been divided into three subunits: LOONA 1/3, LOONA Odd Eye Circle, LOONA yyxy. Their unit-specific sounds range from bubble-gum pop to classical, so LOONA offers a little something for everyone.

“Kiss Later” mixes sweet, pop vocals with a big band sound.


Although LOONA belongs to a lesser known company, Blockberry Creative, they consistently produce quality content that rivals that of the “Big 3”. Their music videos are simple yet polished and match their various concepts well.


LOONA’s songs such as “Let Me In” and “Sonatine” are musically dense, melodic, and grand. Their liberal use of orchestral instruments rather than heavy synth appeals to classical music lovers who are seeking more complexity than the average pop track has to offer.


Both LOONA single-member albums and their group albums are cohesive and carefully curated, featuring songs that fit well together. Max & Match, for instance, has recurring lyrics, melodies, and an overarching theme. The repetition makes listeners feel as if each song is a puzzle piece to connect a larger picture.


Speaking of puzzles, international fans love their theories! LOONA includes small references and details within their music videos that inspire fans to brainstorm imaginative hypotheses.


Will LOONA be your new favourite girl group? Check out their latest comeback music video “Butterfly” here: