Introducing The Filipino Boy Group That Trained In South Korea

They’ve gone viral in the Philippines.

It’s been a month since Filipino boy-group SB19 debuted with “Go Up,” but they’ve quickly become a hit group in the Philippines.

SB19 was formally introduced to the public in 2018, with the intent of being an all-Filipino group inspired by the K-Pop style and aesthetic. The members themselves have all trained in South Korea and are being managed by a local brand of a Korean entertainment company called ShowBT Entertainment.

The group is compromised of members Sejun, Stell, Josh, Ken, and Justin. Though the group debuted last month, they started gaining attention when a Twitter user reposted a part of the group’s dance practice to their debut track, with many loving how sharp and polished their moves are. It currently has 81.4k likes on Twitter.

Speaking of their debut track, the song is mostly in Tagalog with some English sprinkled in. The boys wrote the lyrics themselves, and a Korean producer produced the song.

During their press conference, leader Sejun explained their goals of showing off Filipino talents through their work,

The Filipinos are so talented in many things. Good at singing, good at dancing, at acting. That’s what we want to show to people in other countries. […] We want to show how talented Filipinos are, how we are all-rounders.