Introducing Yu Seulki — One Of K-Pop’s Most Famous Backup Dancers

You may have seen her before.

After the relay dance video for “Ping Pong” was released, fans of HyunA and DAWN quickly found themselves falling for one of the backup dancers!

Yu Seulki. | @yu__seulki/Instagram

Videos of her on TikTok have amassed tens of thousands of views and the comments are full of people praising her for her dance and her visuals. Meet Yu Seulki, a dancer who has already worked with some of the biggest names in K-Pop!


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She’s close with Red Velvet, especially Seulgi, with whom she shares a name. They’re often referred to as 2Seul!

Red Velvet’s Seulgi (left) and Yu Seulki (right). | @yu__seulki/Instagram

Seulki worked with Red Velvet during their La Rouge tour and also as a dancer for Irene & Seulgi’s “Monster” and “Naughty” performances. She also worked with the group again for their 2023 concert R to V.

| @yu__seulki/Instagram

Seulki also danced with BoA for the music video and live stages of “Better!”

BoA (center) and the dancers on set for “Better.” | @yu__seulki/Instagram

She also worked with SHINee‘s Jonghyun for his live concerts and was one of the dancers in Taemin‘s single “MOVE.”

Jonghyun and the dancers for “The Letter” concert. | @yu__seulki/Instagram

She also often works with Jessi, who was under the same label as HyunA and DAWN. Seulki danced with Jessi for both “Who Dat B” and “NUNU NANA!”

Jessi and Yu Seulki. | @yu__seulki/Instagram

Seulki worked with HyunA for her single, “I’m Not Cool” which was released in January 2021, and, of course, on “Ping Pong!”

HyunA and Yu Seulki. | @yu__seulki/Instagram

Seulki started dancing when she was just 3 or 4 years old! She loved following along with traditional dance she would see on TV, and began learning jazz and modern dance in high school. Following the recommendation of her college senior, Seulki joined the B-Boy crew T.I.P. and considered this as the start of her dance career.

| @yu__seulki/Instagram

In one of her YouTube videos, Seulki shared her thoughts about being a dancer. She loves the supporting position, helping the leader, rather than being the leader. This brings her joy and she hopes that people see her as an impressive dancer and role model!

| @yu__seulki/Instagram

Check out the “Ping Pong” relay dance video below!