I.O.I Members Finally Reunite For A Special Collaboration Stage, With Legendary J-Pop Group AKB48

I.O.I members have reunited for a special collaboration since their disbandment early this year!

Chungha, PRISTIN’s Nayoung and Kyulkyeong, and Weki Meki’s Doyeon and Yujeong reunited for a collaborative stage during the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards!

Source: @only_Nayoung95

The girls collaborated on a special stage with the legendary J-Pop girl group, AKB48.

“There will be a collaborative stage with AKB48 in Japan.

The fans can look forward to the popular Japanese idol group performing with former members of I.O.I.”

— Kim Ki Woong, Music Director of Mnet

Weki Meki, PRISTIN, fromis_9 and Chungha performed a collaborative stage for “PICK ME”.

Near the end of the stage, AKB48 joined them on stage to close out the iconic song!

Then the girls joined AKB48 for their songs “Heavy Rotation” and “Koisuru Fortune Cookie”.

The teamwork between the members of the two group brought fans to tears.

And that’s not all, another reunion is set to happen in the MAMA stages as well!

“Additionally, both Hong Kong and Vietnam will also have special stage collaborations as well.”

— Kim Ki Woong, Music Director of Mnet

The unique collaboration stage was created to celebrate the special bond between the two groups.

AKB48 and I.O.I have a lot of similarities, as Mnet’s Produce 101 has a similar format to the viewer’s voting system that AKB48 implemented in AKB48Show!

“AKB48 has been promoting for over 10 years in Japan as a national idol group.

Their members are selected by votes, which is something that they have in common with ‘Produce 101’.

That’s why this collaboration stage was prepared.”

— Kim Ki Woong, Music Director of Mnet

After seeing their special performance, many fans are dying to see all of the former I.O.I members reunite on a special stage!

Check out the complete performances below!

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