I.O.I Reunited For The First Time Since Their Disbandment, And Nothing Has Changed

There is a reunion party going on in the comments of this member’s Instagram…

With an insider’s help, we knew I.O.I would be on Produce 48 as a whole group again. So when the video of all 11 members was uploaded to DIA‘s Chaeyeon‘s Instagram, fans were glad to see the reunion of still goofy-fun members!


Chaeyeon blessed the longing I.O.I fans with this short video of members trying out the group’s greeting, “Yes, I love it. We’re I.O.I, hello!” again. Shortly after they say hello, the members scream out in pure joy and excitement (so watch your volume!)

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Chaeyeon tagged “Two Year Anniversary”, “Congratulations”, along with “Long time no see” in the caption, showing this was in celebration of the group’s second year since debuting (though the group does not promote together anymore).


And of course, just like 2017, I.O.I members decided to take over Chaeyeon’s Instagram ID again to leave supportive and celebratory comments for each other.


Fans have missed this fun bunch of girls so much and are flooding over to Chaeyeon’s Instagram to show the members love and support.


In celebration of I.O.I’s two year anniversary, here’s I.O.I’s bop to jam to for the day!