IOI Yoojung Names which male idol is her ideal type of man

IOI members Yoojung and Doyeon talked about life, friendship, and boys on their most recent broadcast.

Yoojung and Doyeon were asked during a live broadcast if they preferred younger or older guys and both girls stating that they preferred someone closer to their age.

When Doyeon changed her mind and said that she preferred older guys, Yoojung disagreed and said that older guys can be difficult because of the age difference.

A  few minutes later, however, Yoojung confessed that her ideal type is HIGHLIGHT leader Yoon Doojoon, who is ten years older than her!

“He looks so refreshing. I like guys that have that ‘fresh’ look to them.  I’m sure if Doojoon is seeing this, he will be very surprised.”

— Yoojung

It’s not hard to see why Yoojung chose Doojoon as her ideal type.