Irene Is Essentially Red Velvet’s Mom

Irene just can’t help but show her motherly side when she’s with her fellow group members.

Even though she is known for her youthful appearance, Irene is actually the eldest member in SM Entertainment girl group Red Velvet. 

“Irene unnie is my roommate so she takes care of me more. She irons my uniform and when I go to school, she wakes me up every morning.”

– Yeri (Red Velvet)

With an age gap of 8 years between her and youngest member Yeri, it’s no surprise that she has a tendency to act like a mother around the younger members.

Irene always ensures that her fellow members mind their table manners

When Seulgi tried to speak with her mouth full, Irene made sure to make her finish eating before speaking.

And like a true mother, she’s always taking care of them when they’re eating. 

When she gave some food to Wendy, she made sure to blow on it first so it wouldn’t burn Wendy’s mouth.

One of the main reasons the Red Velvet members refer to Irene as their “mom” is because of her odd hobby.

In addition to cooking, Irene also enjoys ironing clothes for fun!

But most importantly of all, she’s always looking after them.

Irene is always there to make sure her members are protected from wardrobe malfunctions and the cold weather.