Irene Once Fainted On Set With Park Bo Gum, Here’s What Happened

Park Bo Gum’s expression when she gets up from the floor is priceless.

Red Velvet’s Irene shocked her co-host Park Bo Gum when she suddenly fainted while broadcasting live. The released video clip shows the tale of Irene’s incident.


Irene and Park Bo Gum were in the middle of introducing the next performers when the incident occurred. Viewers noticed Irene having an odd expression when she suddenly disappeared from the camera view, collapsing to the floor.


Taken aback, Park Bo Gum quickly tried to help her up with one hand on her arm and shoulder while attempting to continue with the program professionally.


Getting up slowly, Irene suddenly exclaimed: “April Fools!” having successfully fooled viewers and, most importantly, her target, Park Bo Gum.


This incident may have happened three years ago, but it remains one of the best idol April Fools pranks to date! Watch the clip below:

Red Velvet