Irene Kim Reveals a Foolproof Way to Look Tall with Long Legs in Just About Any Photo

For all the shorter girls out there, Irene’s got you.

Model and social media influencer, Irene Kim recently appeared on KBS’s Hello Counselor as a guest where she revealed her secret to having so many followers.

Irene used comedian, Kang Yoo Mi as her subject and proceeded to take a photo that would make her look like a model.

Irene shared that if you flip your phone upside down before taking a photo, it makes your legs look longer.

And the results were remarkable.

The photos that Irene took of Kang Yoo Mi made her look tall with long legs in comparison to the photo taken the regular way with the phone positioned normally.

Since this method is as simple as it can get, it’s one that just about anyone can try out if you’re out to look like a model on social media.

Source: Insight