This Is Why Irene and Naeun Are Considered The Queens of Leggings

We know who Red Velvet’s Irene and Apink’s Naeun are — two Idols who stand out, among hundreds, for their sexiness.

And the top of the heap isn’t lonely for Irene and Naeun as they share the spot as Queens of Leggings.

First, Irene: she rocked the leggings look for her rehearsals.

And showed us why she’s the source of the leggings syndrome of a sort.

It should be noted that the queen’s discerning taste prefers Nike.

Now, Naeun: Naeun’s been seen in leggings for practices.


She’s shown us that even in the most natural and seemingly unflattering situations, she remains supremely beautiful.

Unlike her fellow queen, Naeun prefers Adidas.

So one thing is clear: What makes these Queens queens isn’t about Nike or Adidas…

But about the Queens themselves!