Irene Proves That The World Would Be A Better Place If Everyone Had Her Visuals

There’s no question that Red Velvet‘s Irene is a true beauty whose visuals can brighten anyone’s day.

And during their appearance on SNL Korea, Irene starred in a parody skit that jokingly suggested the world would be a better place if everyone was as beautiful as she is.

Upon meeting Irene, her “boyfriend” was immediately smitten, proving that her beauty can win over anyone in just a second.

But that isn’t the only perk!

When they came across a long line outside of a restaurant…

Everyone let the couple move up in line because of Irene’s overwhelming beauty!

Even other couples were glad to yield their spot for Irene.

And her visuals are so valuable, that she even tried to deposit some of it to the bank.

Unfortunately, technology isn’t quite there yet…

So what was Irene’s solution to sharing her visuals with the world?

Giving out masks so everyone could look as beautiful as her!