This Is How Irene Reacted When a Fan Got the Name of Red Velvet’s New Song Wrong

The fan tried to say “ZIMZALABIM”.

A fan of Red Velvet recently uploaded a video of Irene showing a very funny reaction to something she said.

The fan called her name and then attempted to say the name of Red Velvet’s upcoming song, “ZIMZALABIM”, but ended up saying it incorrectly multiple times.

In response, Irene asked, “What? Zimjalabim?” with a very shocked yet serious look on her face.

She then turned sulky and corrected the fan by saying, “It’s Zimzalabim” before proceeding through airport customs.

Red Velvet will be releasing their new album, “The ReVe Festival” on June 19, and the title song is none other than “ZIMZALABIM”.


The meaning behind the hard-to-pronounce word is similar to “Abracadabra”, and it’s commonly used in Europe.


Check out the full footage of Irene’s lovable reaction below:


Source: Dispatch

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