Irene Reveals The Secret To Her Signature Eye Makeup

Red Velvet‘s leader has finally shared the secret to her iconic eye makeup, so you can now have beautiful eyes just like Irene.

Irene recently appeared on SBS‘s fashion talk show Style Follow along with Kang Seung-hyun where she passed down the secret to creating her signature eyes.

Irene’s first rule is to put on eye shadow. It gives color and a better chance for eyeliner to pop. Her biggest secret to achieving perfect eyeliner, however, is that she doesn’t think of it as drawing on a line, instead, she simply traces her eye and doesn’t extend the liner any further.

100% eyeliner precision. / Source: mulpix

Where she’s putting it on, she makes sure that she applies just the right amount of pressure. Irene claims that too much pressure will make your makeup look overpowering, and too little will make it look like a blur.

For the parts of her eye she can’t reach, she uses a small amount of fake eyelash to cover it up. Her makeup comes out clean and precise with her expert touch.

Her makeup is just right. / Source: liuyifeiff

Who wouldn’t want to have eyes that pop like Irene’s?