Irene Spotted Looking Exhausted, Following Hateful Attacks From Fans

Irene looked tired and sad as she left the country after some male fans burned her photos.

When fans went to Incheon Airport to see Red Velvet off on their flight to Hong Kong, they noticed Irene was looking particularly exhausted.

Image: Tenasia


She was pale and a bit listless, always looking at the ground.

Image: Sedaily


She had a hard time picking her head up and kept her eyes on the ground.

Image: Tenasia


Recently, male fans have been burning her merchandise after they found out she was reading a feminist book.

Male Fans Burning Irene’s Merchandise After Discovering She May Be A Feminist


Fans believe she’s stressed because of the controversy.


They say the backlash she received for just reading one simple book was too much.


Fans are sympathetic, saying it’s unfair that male idols don’t get the same treatment, and that even though she looks tired she’s still beautiful.


We hope she regains her bright smile soon!

Source: SEDaily

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