Irene’s Beauty Seemed Too Unrealistic to Be True at Recent Promotional Event in Seoul

And that gorgeous blue dress she was wearing…

The CooperVision Store Attack Photo Time event recently took place at the COEX mall in Seoul where Red Velvet‘s Irene showed up looking too stunning to be true.

On this day, Irene wore an elegant blue dress and smiled brightly for all who were watching.

The long and voluminous hair she was flaunting made her look like a goddess, and the bright pink lip color only accentuated her elegant charms.

Irene looking beautiful is really nothing new, but something about this day made her look especially radiant.

Her skin couldn’t have glowed any brighter, and her flawless features might make you wonder if she’s actually human.

What’s even more unrealistic is how much more gorgeous she looks in the close-up shots.

Check out a few more photos of Irene’s outstanding beauty below:

Source: Insight

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