ISAC Employee Reveals That TWICE’s Dahyun Completely Changed His Perception Of Idols

The ISAC employee was shocked by how Dahyun treated part-time employees.

A part-time employee who worked at the 2019 Chuseok Idol Star Athletics Championships recently uploaded a post sharing his experience with TWICE‘s Dahyun.

He confessed, “I had a certain perception about idols before I worked there. But my perception changed completely.

He then went on to explain, “Most of the idols were very friendly, but I’m writing this because TWICE’s Dahyun left a very deep impression.

At the Idol Star Athletics Championships, his job was to clean the waiting room or the back of the filming set.

The employee shared, “Most of the idols usually just greeted people who were higher up like the producers, and I thought that was normal, too. But Dahyun was different.

According to the employee, Dahyun also made eye contact with all of the part-time employees and said hello.

He added, “She even asked us if we ate, if we weren’t too hot, and even when she got changed and headed out, she made eye contact once again and thanked us.”

The employee concluded, “I felt embarrassed that I had a different perception of idols before then. I can see why fans love Dahyun so much.

Source: Insight