Dispatch Explains Why So Many Idols Get Injured During ISAC

This is why there are so many injuries at ISAC.

For years, many fans have been wishing that the Idol Star Athletic Championships would close its doors and one of the main reasons cited is that so many idols receive injuries during the games. Considering athletes all over the world compete in games and aren’t constantly getting injured, you might ask yourself why idols are always getting hurt and Dispatch has unearthed at least part of the answer.

SEVENTEEN Jeonghan’s wrist injury from ISAC 2018 can be seen here.


They reported that many idols get hurt during the relay and it’s all because of the track they use. Rather than using tartan track like other running tracks, the track at ISAC is made of just sheets of sticker pasted to the ground… and it’s really slippery.


SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan fell after turning the corner during a race. He hit the ground the wrong way and injured his wrist.


Oh My Girl’s Mimi also fell just before the finish line. You could see the idols running to the sidelines of concern for her.


She was visibly upset at the end of the filming, with her members comforting her.


NU’EST W’s Aron wasn’t an exception either. After the scary moment, he posted to Instagram assuring fans he was okay.

“Our LOVE! You were really scared earlier, right? I’m okay so please don’t worry so much. You worked so hard to day! Thank you so much for cheering us on for so long. Please head home and rest! LOVE is the best!” 

— NU’EST W’s Aron on his injury


He valiantly finished the race but visibly struggled while doing so.


Source: Dispatch