MBLAQ’s G.O Explains Why ISAC Is Basically Just A Dating Ground For Idols

“Romance begins at the ISAC.” — G.O

During one of his live streams, G.O explained why the Idol Star Athletic Championships (ISAC) is basically just one big arena for idols to start dating each other.

One of his viewers asked if it was true that if an idol went to ISAC, they would end up finding someone to date there.


G.O confirmed it was true.

“I’ll let you all know why the green light turns on and and ‘pink’ romance begins at the ISAC.”


During his time in MBLAQ, the idea for ISAC was first conceived, so he had no idea what to expect.

“When I was promoting with MBLAQ, ISAC first came about. When I appeared in the pilot program, the recording for that was extremely long. It took around 20 hours to film.”


He explained how early he had to get up to prepare and try to make sure he looked good on camera.

“I had to be ready by 6 AM to go to the filming venue so I was up at 3:30 or 4 AM to get my makeup and hair done. But everyone else had to do this too, so no one was able to sleep and even though they have makeup on, you could tell their faces are all swollen still.”


G.O said the time it takes to film the events is shorter than filming the non-participating members’ reactions.

“There were many events, from all the track and field races to futsal. In reality, there is more time sitting around and reacting to others participating in an event than being recorded on camera in your own event.”


That’s the reason many idols end up beginning relationships during ISAC.

“Everyone’s sitting together, but you don’t really want to talk to the other idols first. But then a friend in a different group will be next to you, and they’ll say ‘oh you’ll know that person too!’ and they’ll invite them over, then then you naturally start talking.”


After naturally starting conversations with other idols, G.O says one particular line comes out easily.

“After talking, it’s natural that the line ‘could you give me your contact information’ comes out. We’re stuck in the place for 20 hours of filming already anyway. What else would you do for 20 hours? You start talking and then become close. It’s not just celebrities, if you’re with someone in one spot for a long time, you can’t help but get closer. With that, there are people who develop lover relationships from this.”


G.O ended up finishing off the topic of ISAC by saying he always had a good time during the event.

“It was fun to meet all of my peers in one place and share stories, difficulties, and chat just like when I was a student at school.”


Watch the full clip below: