The Disturbing Truth Behind Idol Star Athletic Championship(ISAC)

The truth is finally exposed.

A recent post in a Korean online community urged readers to boycott the upcoming 2018 MBC Idol Star Athletics Championship (ISAC), stating that it is irresponsible and reckless.

The author stated that their idol was injured during the 2014 ISAC.

“A few years ago, he was participating in the Idol Star Athletics Championship’s futsal tournament and was injured. The subtitle at the time read ‘a minor injury’ but he’s still getting physio! The hospital’s actually said that he won’t have full use of his arm as time goes by because the cartilage around the left shoulder’s been all ripped.”

— Anonymous Netizen 

The post was referring to INFINITE‘s Woohyun, who was injured while playing futsal in the 2014 ISAC.

Woohyun apparently suffered a very serious injured but was treated as though he only had minor bruises. The author of the post alleged that neither MBC nor those involved ever apologized for the incident.

The post lamented that MBC failed to give Woohyun any medical attention other than a few bandages.

This is not the first time that the MBC Idol Athletics Festival is under fire. Many idols were hurt during the program. In 2016 alone, VIXX’s Leo injured his nose during a futsal game; BTS‘s Jin had a nosebleed during a futsal game; EXO‘s Xiumin hurt his ankles; GOT7‘s Jackson and Jinyoung both had to wear casts on their arms and legs due to injuries sustained during the program; and AOA‘s Seolhyun hurt her legs.