Italian K-Pop Fan’s Dream Comes True When They Get To Meet BIGBANG In Person 

Lee Sang Min made the dream of an Italian V.I.P come true when he took the whole family and fan to meet them in person!

It was a wish come true for Italian VIP Martha, her sister Julia and her entire family when Lee Sang Min and Kim Jong Min granted their wishes to meet BIGBANG.


The meeting actually happened last year where she and her family were surprised with tickets for BIGBANG’s concert. It was only recently featured on the KBS program Let Me Sleep For One Night.


The reason behind her tears was because of how much BIGBANG’s music helped her break out of her shell and face the world with courage.

“I’ve never had many friends. The BIGBANG members were my only friends.” — Julia


Lee Sang Min revealed that he personally talked with Yang Hyun Suk and Julia’s story touched his heart. YG made sure that Julia and her family had tickets to BIGBANG’s last sold out concert!

“Today’s concert is the last concert of BIGBANG and it was hard to find a ticket. I told YG Entertainment about the heart whelming story of the family who likes BIGBANG. Also, I showed Julia’s ‘If You’ video and was Yang Hyun Suk was impressed.” — Lee Sang Min


To their surprise, the two girls and their family actually had a surprise encounter to meet G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri.


They even received personalized treats such as the “If You” demo CD made by G-Dragon and a meal at Seungri’s restaurant, Aori!


The actual clip of their meet-up was enough to tug some heartstrings for the viewers worldwide!


Source: Herald and YGLife


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