Who is He? Italian Michelin-Starred Chef Fabrizio Ferrari Actively Promotes Korean Cuisine

He appears on Korean TV shows and creates YouTube content to promote Hansik, traditional Korean food.

Italian Michelin-starred chef Fabrizio Ferrari is a passionate advocate of Hansik (traditional Korean food). He is one of the leading chefs in Italy who earned a Michelin star for his restaurant Al Porticciolo 84 in Lake Como, Italy.

He appeared in various food-related TV shows, widely known as either “Italy Fabri” or “Fabri Chef,” and continued to expand his range as a chef who promotes hansik.

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He first learned about Korean cuisine through Park Song Gu, his then Korean sous chef, who was recommended because Park wanted to gain experience working in Italy. Ferrari then arranged his employment documents to enable Park to work with him in Italy.

Ferrari was impressed with Park’s dedication, passion, and work ethic. Through him, Ferrari got to know more about the Korean community in Italy and the shops selling Korean ingredients, and together, they created micro fusion dishes as part of his restaurant’s offerings. After six months, they got a Korean trainee, and Ferrari got more deeply entrenched in Korean culture and lifestyle.

Now 43, he wants to share what he has learned with others and believes it will be only a matter of time before people will also favor Korean cuisine.

Ranging from the rich history to the unique techniques of fermentation, including ‘Jang’ (a range of sauces or pastes made from fermented soybeans), Korean food culture is full of surprises for foreigners, including overseas chefs. Hansik is ready for world invasion.

—Fabrizio Ferrari

In 2016, Ferrari went to South Korea for the first time to be a part of a KBS culinary show called Global Taste of Korea Contest. His passion for Korean food and culture grew further after meeting food researcher Lee Young Sook and celebrity chef Paik Jong Won on the food program Hansik Battle in 2018.

Food Researcher Lee Young Sook (left) and Fabrizio Ferrari in “Hansik Battle.” | Tving

Ferrari said Chef Paik allowed him to gain a deeper understanding of Korean food and its history by appearing in many of his television shows which include SBS‘s Back Street (2018-2021), KBS’s Paik Jong Won Class (2021), and tvN’s The Backpacker Chef (2022), among others.

Clockwise: Actors Ahn Bo Hyun, Dae Hwan Oh, rapper DinDin and Fabrizio Ferrari in tvN’s The Backpacker | @fabrilicious/Instagram

Aside from these television appearances, Ferrari continues his dedication to Korean Food advocacy through teaching at the Sejong Culinary Institute of Asia, working as a YouTube content creator on the Itali Fabri channel, and serving as a judge at various food competitions, such as the Kimchi Master Chef Competition.

Ferrari never imagined living the life he lives at present. The chef felt that his life in South Korea was meant to be. He also considered it an honor to share his love for Korean food culture with his home country Italy and other countries.

I am not missing the daily life of a chef, spending 18 hours a day in the kitchen. But I miss working with food and doing food-related businesses. Instead of preparing dishes for the few… I would like to reach more people in Korea and offer delicious food.

— Fabrizio Ferrari

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Source: ‘Hansik is ready for a world invasion’