Italian Soccer Player Shows Interest in Red Velvet’s Irene Photo on Instagram

He’s not just a soccer player. He’s a smoking hot soccer player.

On February 22, the luxury jewelry brand, Damiani shared a photo of their new model, Irene on their official Instagram page.

Irene is commonly known as the face of Red Velvet for having a beautiful face with a sharp nose and a desirable jawline. So when a photo of her beauty was shared on Damiani’s Instagram page, the entire world expressed their awe by liking her photo.

But among those who liked her photo, there was a name that particularly stood out. That person was the Italian soccer player, Claudio Marchisio.

Claudio Marchisio, who is beloved by many female fans for having the looks of a model, pressed like on the photo of beautiful Irene. He also liked a video of her on set and drew a lot of attention.

One of the reasons why he liked her posts could have been because he’s also a model of Damiani himself. But if you look at the photo of Irene and then look at Claudio Marchisio, it’s hard not to let your imagination go wild.

Who votes for a collaboration between the two gorgeous models?

Source: Insight

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