The Item ATEEZ’s Seonghwa Can’t Live Without Is A Special Bracelet — And Here’s The Wholesome Reason Why He Got It

As expected from wholesome king Seonghwa.

The members of ATEEZ sat down with GQ Japan to talk about their most treasured items, the things they absolutely cannot live without. Each member had a unique item, and they also shared the things they can’t live without as a group, such as their name tags and custom-made microphones.

But while most members had interesting or funny items that they can’t live without (such as Mingi‘s chic bag that is not really a bag)…

Seonghwa‘s item had a particularly touching story behind it. He explained that he does not normally wear accessories himself…

…but that he decided to buy this particular bracelet because the proceeds went to help abandoned animals!

He said that he’d chosen a cat bracelet…

…and even though he doesn’t wear it much, he still always takes it everywhere with him!

The members praised him for his kindness, and we can’t help but agree! It seems like Seonghwa is always proving himself to be one wholesome icon—as if his heartwarming confidence-boosting project with Wooyoung wasn’t enough!

You can check out the whole video and find out what all the members of ATEEZ can’t live without here.