“It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” Viewer Ratings Dip After Second Episode — K-Drama Fans Discuss Possible Reasons

Is it a sign or is it too early to tell?

Following its highly-anticipated premiere on June 20, 2020, tvN‘s new K-Drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay has the first round of viewer ratings out on the table.

The first episode started off strong with a nationwide 6.09%…

The lead couple of “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” in Episode 1 

… only to see it drop significantly to 4.72% in the second episode.

The ending of Episode 2 

While some K-Drama fans insisted the show has plenty of potential to build up…

  • “The lead couple looks incredible together though… Hmm.”
  • “I think the plot is building. The acting is solid. We have to wait it out for the chemistry to really build and the relationship to form. Then the ratings will rise.”
  • “This K-Drama reminds me of Tim Burton. It’s refreshing. I think it has potential.”
  • “Is it because this isn’t your cliché strong male, vulnerable female K-Drama flow? It sure is new and experimental. That’s why we have to give it more time.”
  • “If all else fails, the lead couple’s visuals will carry on.”

… and that “it is too early to tell”…

  • “4% nowadays isn’t bad at all. And people are watching this on Netflix, so the numbers can’t be too accurate as to telling how popular this is or will become.”
  • “Come on, it aired two episodes. It’s way too early to tell.”
  • “I’m sorry, didn’t this show premiere this week? Who looks at viewer rating stats in the first week? Be reasonable.”
  • “It literally only began. We have to give it a good 8 episodes before we can discuss the viewer ratings like they mean anything.”
  • “We have to keep our eyes on it, but now is not the time to mind the numbers.”

… others thought the “steep” decline in the viewer ratings to be a sign of the show’s “flaws”.

  • “I think the first two episodes was far too dark, trying to build the lead actress’s character. So anyone who wanted rom-com… They left.”
  • “Well, you have to admit the topic is kind of minor.”
  • “I don’t know, I thought the episodes are not viewer friendly… Like I couldn’t really catch on to the plot at all.”
  • “By the second episode, I’d already fallen out of love with the lead actress because she seemed too extra. The character didn’t come across as relatable at all.”
  • “Viewer ratings are pretty honest. It dropped? The show wasn’t entertaining.”

The trailer for the upcoming third episode, however, has since captured a little more chemistry between the lead couple, leaving the viewers hopeful that the numbers will pick back up.

Will It’s Okay To Not Be Okay turn into another huge tvN hit? Only time will tell.

Watch the Episode 3 trailer here:

Source: Asia E and THEQOO (1) and (2)