ITZY Couldn’t Stop Jamming To aespa’s “Savage” During Their Encore Stage—And It Was The Cutest Interaction Ever

Aespa won that night but ITZY also had fun!

ITZY and aespa may not have many interactions, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t friends behind the scenes!


aespa | @aespa_official/Instagram

They are both busy promoting their latest comebacks. ITZY released “LOCO” from their album Crazy In Love last September 24 while aespa made a comeback with “Savage” last October 5. ITZY also recently began performing “SWIPE,” another viral track from their album. Because of these close timings, they’ve appeared on the same music shows.

Aespa won first place on Music Core on October 16, with ITZY coming in second place. Rather than being upset, the members politely clapped and bowed before moving off stage.

Ryujin went a step further and even began jamming along to “Savage.” She sang along to each opening line in the song and danced towards the aespa members.

Yeji was also seen joining the fun on the left side of the screen, rapping the “We holla” lyrics with Giselle.

Ryujin, Yeji, Karina, Ningning, Winter, and Giselle ended up partying together in the middle of the stage. They may have a senior and junior relationship, but they’re obviously friendly as well!

They’re the cutest!


Source: YouTube