ITZY’s Chaeryeong And IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon Talk About What It’s Like Having A Sister In The Same Industry

These sisters truly have a lot of love for each other!

The two sisters, IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon and ITZY’s Chaeryeong, were recently interviewed backstage at the 30th Seoul Music Awards.

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When asked if they’ve been able to meet before these events, Chaeyeon said, “Honestly, we didn’t even have a chance to meet on music shows, so I’m happy to see her here at this event.”

There weren’t very many chances for us to meet in 2019 and especially the start of 2020,” Chaeryeong added. “We would talk through video calls instead. I missed her and am honored to be at the same award show together.”

They shared that both of them working in the same industry has brought them closer together as they share similar experiences.

We relate to each other, so we communicate well. Our relationship feels like it’s getting deeper, and we can understand each other much better. I feel like we’re thinking more about the other and depending on each other.


I remember seeing IZ*ONE come on stage at an award show laster year and getting goosebumps. Their fans cheered so loud. At the time, ITZY’s fans didn’t have light sticks, and IZ*ONE has a lot more members than we do, so it felt like we were watching someone completely different than us. My sister is as steady as a rock and I can always learn something from her.


When asked to describe each other, Chaeyeon said that Chaeryeon is very calm and quiet. However, she shines on stage due to her expression and soft lines. Chaeryeong said that Chaeyeon is a funny character and gives everyone around her energy.

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They finished the interview by sharing their goals for 2021. “I’m going to work hard in 2021. I will be ambitious, work on myself, and improve,” Chaeryeong replied. “I also want to improve while staying healthy,” Chaeyeon said.

Both sisters wish for everyone’s health and happiness in the new year.

We hope that everyone stays healthy and that the people we love will be happy and healthy. Happy New Year, everyone!

—Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong

Source: Sports Seoul