Lee Seung Gi Learned ITZY’s Chaeryeong Was His Fan Only To Have It Snatched Away From Him

One second he was her favorite actor and the next he had been replaced.

Nothing could be more exciting than learning one of the top girl group members is your number one fan unless the knowledge only lasts for a few seconds.


ITZY recently made a surprise appearance on SBS‘s Master in the House when Park Jin Young, who was the master for the week, took the hosts on a tour of JYP Entertainment and just so happened to take them into one of the dance practice rooms where they were working.


The surprise visit held a lot of fun interactions between everyone but there will be one moment that Lee Seung Gi will never forget. Shortly after all the introductions had been made, Chaeryeong was exposed by her members for being a huge fan of Lee Seung Gi.

“I was a fan starting from 2004.”

— Chaeryeong


The revelation immediately put a huge smile on his face, until Yang Se Hyung noted that the past tense was used and Ryujin revealed that she used to be his fan!

“She was a fan up until 2011.”

— Ryujin


Wanting to know why she had suddenly changed in 2011, Park Jin Young asked. But the reason was definitely not what anyone expected.

“In 2011, I watched The Moon Embraces the Sun and became a big fan of Kim Soo Hyun.”

— Chaeryeong


When Lee Seung Gi found out that Kim Soo Hyun had stolen Chaeryeong’s affection, he playfully showed he was ready to fight for her!

“Tell Kim Soo Hyun to get out here!”

— Lee Seung Gi


There one minute and gone the next! Maybe this interaction will bring Chaeryeong back to his fandom. At the very least, he can say she used to be his number one fan!