ITZY’s Chaeryeong Had A Savage Response To Yeji’s Question About Being Roommates

She’s hilarious 😂

ITZY‘s Chaeryeong and Yeji are now roommates, but Chaeryeong seems to prefer having a room to herself!

In a recent behind the scenes video, Yeji asked Chaeryeong how it feels to be her roommate.

How do you feel about becoming my roommate? I want to listen.

— Yeji

Chaeryeong straight out told her that there was nothing special about it! Chaeryeong also exposed her for not cleaning their room. “Nothing special. She actually…doesn’t clean up.

Defending herself, Yeji reminded Chaeryeong that she doesn’t clean up because of their busy schedules.

Actually, we’re busy during our promotions, right? You have to sleep, obviously. It’s you who isn’t sleeping much.

— Yeji

Chaeryeong reminisced on the days she had an entire room to herself. One thing she loved about it was being able to turn off the lights early.

I think having a room to myself was nice. I try hard to stay in good condition. I think it’s important, so when there’s a schedule early in the morning the next day, I try to go to sleep early. I turn off the lights as early as possible. That’s the advantage of having a room to yourself.

— Chaeryeong

Yeji later asked what she likes about sharing a room with her. “What’s the advantage of sharing rooms?

Hilariously, Chaeryeong couldn’t think of any! “The advantage…there’s none. I’m going to search for bed curtains and bed shades.

Since Chaeryeong very clearly couldn’t think of any advantages, Yeji did it for her. For her, the best part about having a roommate is that she feels less lonely.

The advantage is that it isn’t lonely. Being together is nice. It’s not lonely. It’s less scary—harmonious life. These could be the advantages.

— Yeji

Who else can’t help but love how honest Chaeryeong is?

Source: ITZY