ITZY’s Chaeryeong Has a Sister in IZ*ONE and They Look Identical

A new sibling in the world of idols has emerged.

With the recent reveal of JYP‘s new girl group, ITZY, Chaeryeong‘s sister, Chaeyeon has become a hot topic of discussion.

When the first teaser of ITZY came out on YouTube, you might have looked at Chaeryeong and thought, “Hm, I feel like I’ve seen her before.

Well, that’s because Chaeryeong has a sister in the girl group, IZ*ONE, and they resemble each other quite a bit.

If you remember watching K-Pop Star 3, both sisters auditioned and received favorable responses.

They were also on Mnet’s survival program, SIXTEEN, but neither of them made the cut.

Following the show, Chaeyeon left JYP for WM Entertainment and then went on to debut with IZ*ONE in 2018.

Now that her sister Chaeryeong is debuting with IZ*ONE, fans are excited to welcome another sibling in the world of idols.

Despite their similarities in looks and potential, fans look forward to seeing what kind of unique charms will set them apart.

Source: Kookje Shinmun
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