Here’s ITZY Chaeryeong’s Visual Point That Changed After “Mafia In The Morning”

Did you notice the change?

ITZY released “Mafia In The Morning” in April 2021, and it gained attention for its hard-hitting choreography and gorgeous visuals of the members!

ITZY | JYP Entertainment

And in a recent behind-the-scenes video, Chaeryeong revealed that “Mafia In The Morning” was a turning point for her and her visuals, particularly, contact lenses!

Before “Mafia In The Morning”, I didn’t wear contact lenses. “Mafia In The Morning” was very conceptual, so I plucked up my courage and wore color lenses onstage for the first time.


She then cutely admitted,

I did look prettier onstage wearing them. So I grew to love color lenses since. I have fun looking for color lenses that match the day’s outfit and makeup.


And it’s safe to say, “Mafia In The Morning” was definitely Chaeryeong’s era!

Chaeryeong | JYP Entertainment

Watch her talk about it here!