ITZY Know Each Other So Well, They Can Recognize Each Other’s Handwriting At A Glance

It’s the result of sticking to each other 24/7.

While filming ITZY‘s “SNEAKERS,” the girls wrote down a bunch of questions to ask each other anonymously. Along with the time travel plot of the music video, some of ITZY got a little too immersed in their roles. But along with all the fun, the girls casually flexed their close relationship by quickly identifying each other by handwriting.

| ITZY/YouTube

Yeji couldn’t help but laugh as she read out the question, “Do you think you will become the fox fooling the wolf?” An allusion to the lyrics of “Mafia In The Morning,” Yeji called out Chaeryeong for the cute question and then countered it by saying Chaeryeong was the real fox.

Before Ryujin read her note card, she instantly identified it as Lia‘s handwriting. However, she couldn’t help but laugh in surprise when Lia’s question turned out to not be a question at all.

Everything becomes precious in the end so make more nice memories.

In the end, Ryujin simply agreed with the statement and elaborated by adding that despite the trials and difficulties, she only remembers the joyful times she spent with her members.

Chaeryeong also encountered the same conundrum Ryujin did, although this time, it was Ryujin who wrote a statement instead of a question. After Chaeryeong nonchalantly identified the writer as Ryujin, she smiled brightly for the camera, playfully interpreting Ryujin’s statement as a command: “Live with a smile.”

Ryujin was asked another question: “What’s the best technology of the future?” She once again figured out who wrote the anonymous question easily, and while answering the question, she immersed herself in the role of talking to the Yeji from the Middle Ages.

You know, Yeji, the cellphones are great in the future. You can surf the internet, take pictures, and make videos. Got it?

It isn’t easy to identify people based on handwriting, even if you’ve been friends for years. However, ITZY proved their special bond by recognizing each other’s writing easily, all while encouraging each other and having fun.

Besides answering the questions, the girls maintained high energy throughout the four-day shoot. Despite it being past midnight, Yeji and Ryujin started a wild goose chase in the middle of filming, all because Ryujin couldn’t help but tease Yeji and refused to take a picture with her.

To see more of their precious friendship during the filming, check out the video here: