Netizens Claim That ITZY Is Copying BLACKPINK, Here’s Why

Some say these similarities are too striking to be a coincidence.

Recently, netizens have noticed some striking similarities between BLACKPINK and JYP Entertainment‘s rookie girl group ITZY.


Netizens have claimed that ITZY have copied BLACKPINK’s outfits on a number of occasions.


Some believe that the outfits pictured above are “rip-offs” of the outfits BLACKPINK wore during their “As If It’s Your Last” era.


Netizens have also pointed out that these ITZY clothes resemble…




The ITZY members have also performed in sporty crop tops and cargo pants, just like BLACKPINK have in the past.


In response, both BLACKPINK’s fans and ITZY’s have come to ITZY’s defense. Many have pointed out that girl groups often have similar concepts and follow the same fashion trends.


Others say that, if anything, ITZY’s stylist was inspired by BLACKPINK’s trendsetting styles.


Regardless of the style issue, fans are encouraging each other to stan both groups rather than create rivalries.