ITZY Reveals Whether They’d Rock Platform Crocs

Chaeryeong was excited for a reason.

Since the members of ITZY aren’t afraid to try out all sorts of styles, Cosmopolitan magazine mentioned a few over-the-top styles—including platform Crocs—to find out how adventurous they are.

In a game of Drip Or Drop?, the girls were shown a photo of platform Crocs. They weren’t just any pair of Crocs, either.

They were one of the pairs Spanish luxury brand Balenciaga debuted at their 2017 fashion show, which quickly sold out within hours of its release to the public. As soon as Chaeryeong saw them, her mouth dropped open.

While Crocs can be a hate it or love it item, ITZY were part of the latter group. They were all down to wear the shoes. Ryujin said, “They’re so cute,” while Yeji added, “So comfy.” There was a particular member who more than liked them.

With a sad face, Chaeryeong said, “I want to buy.” When Yuna asked why she didn’t have a pair already, Chaeryeong revealed they were nowhere to be found. Chaeryeong said, “It’s out of stock everywhere.

Just imagining ITZY on stage or heading to the airport in bright yellow platform Crocs would definitely be a unique sight. Check out what they thought of the $850 USD footwear here.


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