Netizens Uncover Old Graduation Photos of ITZY Members Striking “DALLA DALLA” Poses

Is there a connection, or is it just a coincidence?

In recent days, a post titled, “Is This How Their Choreography Was First Created” has been circulating in online communities along with old graduation photos of ITZY members striking the same pose.

Despite being in different places, the members were photographed striking the same pose with bright smiles on their faces.

One of the shared photos shows Ryujin posting with her right arm behind her head with a very confident facial expression.

Another shared photo shows Yuna with her right arm behind her head and her left arm tucked behind her back.

Lastly, Yeji also has a graduation photo where she posed with her right arm behind her head and her left arm propped up against her waist.

Until this point, you might just assume that this is a typical school photo pose, but what netizens are focusing on is how identical this pose looks to one of ITZY’s dance moves in “DALLA DALLA”.

As you can see, the stills make it look so similar that it’s no wonder fans are speculating that there could be a connection between their past graduation photos and the choreography of their debut song.

Source: Insight