The Secret Behind ITZY’s Incredibly In Sync Dancing Is Out

This is the method they use to perfect their moves.

ITZY‘s killer choreographies have earned them many fans, and it’s not hard to see why.


Every single member is a dance goddess with top-level technique. Sometimes it’s hard to believe ITZY is really a rookie group because they nail every move…


…while staying perfectly in sync.


On an episode of Master House, Park Jinyoung revealed how he helps ITZY perfect their dances. He takes screenshots of their performances, then uploads the photos to a group chat.


He uses the screenshots to see if the members are matched up.


If they aren’t in sync, he points out which parts ITZY needs to improve.


Fans are now praising Park Jinyoung for his attention to detail and for his insight, which comes from decades of dancing experience.


Some fans are also wondering if he applies the same method to all his groups. That would explain why ITZY’s sister group, TWICE, is always in sync too!


For more of ITZY’s moves, check out their dance practice.