ITZY Fans Are Falling In Love With The Demo Version Of “Dalla Dalla”

But they still think ITZY’s version is perfect:

There is absolutely no doubt that ITZY and their debut song “Dalla Dalla” hasn’t captured everyone’s heart. They’ve already had four music show wins since it was released less than a month ago, they’ve topped charts, and broke a few records while they were at it too!


While fans are head over heels for “Dalla Dalla” just the way it is, they’ve also been falling in love with the choreography demo for it too!


Not too long ago, ALiEN dance crew uploaded the demo choreography video of “Dalla Dalla” and fans were surprised to see just how different the dance moves really were.


Although there were many aspects of the dance that were exactly the same or only changed slightly, there were others that were very different!


The intense moves immediately caught the eyes of fans who thought the demo choreography was pure fire! They fell in love with the bold and intense moves and wished they could have seen ITZY perform them at least once!


On the other hand, many fans have also expressed their relief that ITZY didn’t go with that exact choreography and instead made it their own to fit with their concept a little better.


Check out the demo version, ITZY’s version, and a fan’s side by side comparison of the two below!